I offer clinical supervision and mentoring to professionals in the mental health and wellness field. My aim is to support and guide the professional in their development as a competent and ethical practitioner, and one whose way of practicing is authentic and congruent with their own person.

In trying to achieve these goals I have been influenced first by my own experiences as a supervisee, some formative and hugely helpful, others destructive and damaging. These have left me with a great appreciation of the importance of trust and confidentiality in the supervisory or mentoring relationship, and the importance of addressing the issues of self-consciousness and shame proactively.

In addition to my own experiences being supervised, I have training specific to supervision and many years of experience as a clinical supervisor in a variety of settings.

My own orientation is integrative, with stronger strands being attachment/developmental models, interpersonal psychotherapy, and psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches.

My strengths are in helping practitioners to understand their clients and develop useful case conceptualizations that guide intervention; supporting practitioners in exploring their own strengths and weaknesses in a safe, supportive, and accepting setting; and helping practitioners to identify and manage transference and counter-transference in a way that is respectful to all concerned.

I am not qualified to supervise play therapy, couples or family therapy.