I offer a variety of specialized assessment options for persons with FASD or intellectual disability who present with sexual concerns. These include: assessment of sexual interests; assessment of sexual knowledge and attitudes; assessment of suggestibility; functional assessment of impulsivity; and the development of risk formulations and risk management plans.

If it is not viable or necessary to actually meet with the client, I am also able to conduct a file review and provide a professional opinion on these kinds of matters.

Referral agents are reminded that, especially within a clinical context, assessments are often most helpful when a specific question has been formulated, rather than asking for a type of assessment.

I pride myself on writing reports that are understandable to non-psychologists, with recommendations that are clearly delineated and practical in the client’s setting.

I am committed to respecting the rights of persons with disabilities and recognizing their worth and best interests, while simultaneously addressing issues such as community safety.