I offer short-to-medium term services to people who are feeling stuck or want to explore some area of their lives, and who are not at this point wanting to undertake a longer-term counselling or therapeutic process. Some examples of common presenting concerns are: feeling stuck about an important decision that has to be made; being clear about a behavior change that is needed, but not seeming to be able to actually do it; or feeling caught in a relationship pattern or other situation that is not working.

My goal in this work is to help the client clearly identify the issue or problem, explore the sticking points, and sort through potential resolutions of the gridlock. In my experience, people’s struggles often have their roots in one or more of the following: a lack of awareness of some of one’s own feelings, especially mixed feelings, about an issue; the problem being cyclical in nature (“a vicious circle”); unwillingness to confront some aspect of the problem; or efforts to resolve the problem that have been “more of the same” (e.g., just trying harder).